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The Next Level Of Experiential Branding Is The Brand Adventure

Have you ever met someone representing your customers who asked to be taken on a customer journey? Did you ever hear someone other than marketing professionals who were craving some brand activation? I bet the chances are very slim. Why not challenge yourself and your brand to create something really exciting for your audience as their next brand experience. Invite them to join you in the next level of experiential branding, the brand adventure.

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The New Experience Business Trends That Might Change Your Brand

Any marketer involved in branding in 2017 is almost certain to be involved in experience design or experience management in one way or the other. As with many disciplines, experience design itself is dynamic and in a continuous state of flux, where seasoned practitioners and newcomers alike will need to adapt to new technologies and the influence of trends as they pass from the first movers to a mainstream audience.

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Accelerate Your Brand Evolution With Hybrid Thinking

Think about the word “hybrid,” and it’s likely to evoke thoughts of eco-friendly cars, new types of plants cultivated by combining those that already exist, human robots in sci-fi novels, or even crossbred dogs. By its very nature, a hybrid is a new creation, often from things that may seem incompatible.

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A Quick Guide To Being A Marketing Innovator

It’s that time of year when it’s easy to become overwhelmed with ideas on how to become the new you, whether it’s joining this or that course, listening to a webinar, or signing up to a fast-track programme to success. It’s also a time of year when it’s easy to mentally cocoon yourself with the knowledge and experience you already have, something that is not necessarily enough to take you or your team to the next level, especially when it comes to innovation.

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